ONLINE Postpartum Support Group


ONLINE Postpartum Support Group

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PACKAGE #3---(Pricing $20-$80)  Group session (4 week session). Mamas will meet, ONLINE, once a week to connect. This is a session geared toward supporting mothers during the 4th Trimester (0-12 weeks).  This group will also serve as a safe space for discussing your postpartum journey, providing a village and a place where you can connect from the comfort of your own home... ONLINE. 

*3 pricing variants are offered to ensure that everyone receives support, regardless of cost. Simply click on the pricing option that works best.*** 

Pricing Option 1---$75 (PP Online Group Session Enrollment + FaceTime/Phone Support Access)

Pricing Option 2--- $50 (PP Online Group Session Enrollment + Weekly 15 minute Mommy Phone Chat)

Pricing Option 3--- $25 (PP Online Group Session Enrollment + PP email support access)

Session will begin, Saturday, April 8th. DEADLINE to sign up is April 5th. 

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