Postpartum Hair Snapback (a.k.a. Hair Hymen)

Samantha Brown.     Mom of three kiddos/ Wife/ Actor/ Writer/ Speaker.  Follow via Instagram @sambrownsugar

Samantha Brown. Mom of three kiddos/ Wife/ Actor/ Writer/ Speaker.  Follow via Instagram @sambrownsugar

Six years ago, I was pregnant with my first child. My hair was PERFECTION! The coils were curling just right, so much so, that I would tend to forget that I am NOT of mixed ethnicity! Seriously... my curly, twist out hair looked like a wig. It was full, shining, long, even, bouncy and beautiful! Then, I birthed my son. That's when I pretty much fell off with the constant hair care that black women un-naturally go through to achieve the "natural" look. Before you know it, I looked like a frizzy fro-ed monk! I had dry tumbleweed looking hair, with a bald spot in the center of my head. My previous go to hair products were NOT working!  I eventually figured out that with every pregnancy, miscarriage and postpartum experience, my hair went through something tragic! Tragic like a car accident. Seriously, I would look somewhat groomed and then BOOM, my hair looked like it got up off my head and got hit by a Mack truck... not me, JUST MY HAIR!!

In regards to postpartum, people rarely if ever discuss HAIR... on your head...OR your nether regions (but I will save the latter of the two for a different day.),  For some reason, after having a baby, the conversation about the "snap back," is usually, if not always, referring to your body in terms of weight loss, energy boost, firmness/muscle tone... but not hair.  Just as my daughter is now turning 10 months, my hair is finally doing the "SNAPBACK"!  I have once again found a new product that works for me. Plus, now that baby girl is getting a little older, I now have a half a minute more to actually properly twist my hair. In addition, I actually once again have somewhat of a desire to go someplace other than my bed to get some much needed sleep!

Be encouraged new mommies, when time allows it, you will begin to see your better self again. Give yourself time to recover.  A whole person was formed in you, and came out of you...There's gonna be some repercussions. But I'm here to let you know, when you get that natural spring coil back,  it's like somebody gave you back your hymen! Yes... a hair hymen!