Motherhood... I feel is a constant eb and flow between questioning if you are doing it "right" and not scarring your child... a consistent balance of giving, but yet taking time to breathe in your own air. With that being said, I love breastfeeding. However, there are moments when I feel exhausted from nursing and dare I say it... OVER TOUCHED.  And like most, I feel as if PEOPLE should know when I am feeling overwhelmed. And THEY should just know when I feel spent and literally drained. They should use their mind reading powers to know that a burrito and an air hug is the only affection that I can handle at times, because I may be touched out!!!  However, truth is... no one will ALWAYS know these things. As much as I can say that my husband, children, or my friends know me, they certainly are not mind readers. I'll even venture to say that ever so often family, friends, loved ones may know that you are at your limits and still ask of you. They are human with human moments and human needs as well. So where does that leave us. Where does that leave us when we are burned out, sleep deprived, and our mental and emotional state is teetering between Rosie the Riveter and a complete hot crazy mess? We give ourselves permission.  We give ourselves permission to say no, not right now; or that doesn't work for me at the moment. We give ourselves permission to voice our innermost feelings of "Hey, I love you. But I need a moment. I feel touched out". We give ourselves permission, because the world keeps turning. People keep needing... and sometimes, YOU are the only one who is going to stop and think about YOU. It is what it is. Remember to recharge today. Turn on 'your' oxygen tank... BREATHE your own air... Preserve Self.